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The Reliance Process

1. Assessment

Whether you are considering the acquisition of a property (due diligence), are refinancing an existing property, are concerned about previous/on-going activities on property, or have had an environmental incident, Reliance professionals will utilize their vast experience and resources to assess a property for both historic and current environmental liabilities. A long-forgotten underground storage tank or battery dump can have a large impact on your bottom line.

Your concerns, goals and expectations will be kept at the forefront while determining the applicability of environmental regulations.

2. Investigation

Reliance professionals routinely utilize a variety of methods to identify and investigate the existence of potential environmental issues. Our knowledge and experience allows for quick decision making which eliminates repetitive activities and thereby reduces client costs.

3. Characterization

An accurate definition and understanding of an environmental issue is essential to a quick and effective solution. Complex subsurface environments, bedrock types and ground water flow patterns, for example, must be understood to determine the most effective remedy. To survive in this very competitive world, Reliance has to be smarter and work more efficiently than the others. Rest assured we will not turn a job into a research project at your expense.

4. Remediation

Reliance is not committed to “selling” a particular remediation technique and to making it fit every situation. Instead, based on your goals, site characteristics and the nature of the contaminant, we will recommend the remediation method or methods to best address your situation. To address soil, ground water and/or vapor issues, REI emphasizes simple, direct, effective and proven technologies with an outside-the-box approach. From “green” bacteriological methods to high vacuum extraction to “dig and haul” to risk assessments, Reliance has the experience to restore and maintain your property.

5. Compliance

Simply put, the goal is closure. Securing “no further actions,” releases of liability, and State sanctioned closure maintains your property value, avoids fines and keeps you focused on your business.